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A completely new approach

The inspiration for the Truth Platform™ was born from conversations with clergy, community, and labor leaders who expressed frustrations that their constituents rarely had the resources to bury their loved ones. It’s not uncommon in economically disadvantaged communities to literally pass around a hat at a funeral to help defray the costs. The T4L team recognized that if we could create a solution that provided financial assistance at a time families need it most, our community, religious, and union partners would assist with promotion and retention to ensure our programs would serve their constituents for the long haul.

T4L set out to create a truly unique financial management and empowerment tool that goes beyond the typical prepaid products that have traditionally served our communities. Our goals were to provide:


  • Day-to-day financial services, either surcharge-free or low-fee, delivered anytime, anywhere with technologies typically delivered by only traditional and online banks

  • Financial security with Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance for each and every active accountholder

  • Easy ways to save on every-day and lifestyle expenses, such as groceries, online shopping, travel, restaurants, and more

  • Meaningful enhanced benefits, such as mobile device protection, that help families avoid financial setbacks due to unexpected expenses

  • A simple way to support our community, religious, or labor organization partners by allowing them to participate in the growth of the program through our unique revenue share model


Our network of trusted partners stepped up, and some of the biggest names in the financial services industry saw the opportunity to serve communities whose members have typically been the target of predatory firms. At T4L, we’ve assembled a team of providers who deliver their industry-leading services through our Truth Platform™, and as a result, we’ve created a tool that allows people to take control of their finances, protect their families, and support their communities.


Delivering enhanced benefits in every program

We created the Secure Card Association of America (SCAA), a non-profit organization, to bring high value enhanced benefits to all of our programs and their members. Through SCAA, the Truth Platform™ is able to deliver:


  • Up to $10,000 of Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance

  • Mobile phone, tablet, and hotspot protection with a low $25 deductible

  • Discounts and cash-back rewards on everyday purchases at thousands of popular retailers

  • Savings on lifestyle services, such as travel, food, and entertainment


To learn more about the enhanced benefits offered to T4L accountholders through SCAA, please visit the Association's website.

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