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Empowering people

There is no shortage of choice these days when it comes to potential banking providers. From online-only to brick-and-mortar it can seem like there is something for everyone. But, for many who don't meet the strict requirements necessary to open an account, the options are much narrower and may be limited to financial services with high fees and a lack of flexibility.

At T4L, we design every program to ensure accountholders enjoy cost-effective financial services that provide full participation in today's "always on" digital world. That's why our programs include:

  • No credit check

  • No overdraft fees

  • 32,000+ surcharge-free ATMs for easy access to cash

  • Full-feature online and mobile banking to manage money anytime, anywhere

  • Personalized prepaid or debit card that can be used everywhere Visa Debit is accepted

Our Truth Platform allows accountholders to take charge of their finances and avoid the high fees they may have encountered in the past.

Changing lives

While access to an affordable, full-feature money management platform can certainly be life changing for many, T4L believes everyone should enjoy the peace of mind financial stability provides. That's why our Truth Platform includes services that help accountholders and their families with unexpected events and expenses.

Accountholders enjoy up to $10,000 in Guaranteed Issue Term Life insurance as long as their account is active. Additional coverage may be available through our partner, Secure Card Association of America, for an additional cost.

Mobile device protection is included at no additional cost as long as the account is active and the accountholder pays their monthly wireless bill with the card. We protect all mobile phones, tablets, and hotspots. With a low $25 deductible, a broken phone or device no longer means financial hardship and unexpected expenses.

Saving on everyday and lifestyle expenses is easy with T4L's member rewards and discounts. Accountholders can enjoy rebates and discounts on:

  • Groceries and household purchases

  • Clothing, electronics, and furniture

  • Entertainment and restaurants

  • Hotels, condos, cruises, and tours

Lifting communities

Our key focus is improving the communities we serve at both the individual member and overall organizational levels. The T4L team lives by the guiding principle that "we all rise together," so we offer the unique opportunity for our partners to share in the success of the program.

T4L's industry-leading revenue share program enables community, religious, and labor organizations to offer cost-effective, meaningful, and responsible financial services solutions to their members, while also supporting the organizations' key initiatives and missions.

There are no up-front or capital investments required to launch a program powered by the Truth Platform™ and the T4L team is with you every step of the way from inception to launch.

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